Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paying More for Less in Mill Valley

...Adding to the ambience inside are many of the original finishes...
Yes, in other words not much has been done to this Mill Valley POS. It comes in at 2 br 1 ba, 971 sq ft, built in 1925. The "wishing price" of $899,000 puts this one well into POS territory as that works out to about $926/sq ft.

Is it just me or does it seem that in Marin the smaller the house, the greater the $$$/sq ft statistic? If so, why are people willing to pay a premium for smaller? I mean, this is America! Supersize me for chrissakes!

Thanks to the reader who found this one.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Unbelievable but true!!!!!!! Reduction to $880,000-fantastic for buyers in upper lucas valley- have not seen a price this low in years--will not last!!!
"Unbelievable but true!!!!!!!"...Is that why it has been on the market for 167 days and it still hasn't sold? Because of the unbelievable price reduction? Puhleeeze. It hasn't sold because it is an overpriced Eichler. Now I admit I am being a bit unfair here. I mean, we don't hold it against pugs for being ugly because they didn't choose to be pugs after all. Same goes for Eichlers.
Price Reduced: 08/02/06 -- $949,000 to $924,900
Price Reduced: 09/13/06 -- $924,900 to $912,000
Price Reduced: 09/20/06 -- $912,000 to $899,000
Price Reduced: 10/19/06 -- $899,000 to $880,000
Anyway, this 'unbelievable deal' in San Rafael comes in at 4 br 2 ba, 1756 sq ft, built 1962...hey, wait a minute. Those are some pretty good stats on this house. So what gives? Oh,'s an Eichler.

And I think someone should inform the listing agent of the danger of over using exclamation points.

Slacker Shack

Slacker you say? How about this Marin gem:

If you think that picture is funny, just wait until you hear how the listing agent pimps this one:

Waterfront living with private boat dock. Gorgeous views of marsh and mt. Tam. Unique community along corte madera creek. Adjacent to wildlife area. Easy distance to ferry for commuters

"Waterfront living with private boat dock"... is that what that box precariously perched at the end of this property is called?

"Gorgeous views of marsh"...ok, that I believe. There's just nothing quite like breathing in marsh gas and the smell of decaying sea life in that black mud. Mmmmmm.

"Unique community along corte madera creek"...uh, that's one way to put it I suppose.

"Adjacent to wildlife area"...I would have to say you are more than just adjacent to a wildlife area... you are sort of in it.

This one comes in with 1 br 1 ba, 861 sq ft, built in 1984 (I guess the previous house sank or was swept away in a storm). Asking $549,950.