Thursday, October 12, 2006

The New Chic in Fairfax

Come to Marin and live the Mac & Cheese lifestyle. All you need is a tiny cottage with all the lifestyle clich├ęs and you're set. Like this one. Marin cottages are the new chic, the new in-thing. Thanks to the housing bubble in Marin we find that living below one's means is the New Cool. Never mind that's it's more requirement than option. Ignore those troublesome psychologists and what they say about rationalization and cognitive dissonance.

This Fairfax POS is perfect for those of you who want to pretend that you cannot afford a real house. It comes in with 2 br 1 ba, 858 sq ft, built in 1920. It's got french doors, hardwood floors, yadda yadda, even a gated entry (for all of that 4487 sq feet of lot). But in order to give the appearance of living below your means while not really doing so you have to expect a steep price and that's why this one comes in at $795,000 ($927/sq ft).


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