Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thinking About a House in Corte Madera

Now technically this house is not a PoS because it doesn't even exist yet! You see folks, people in Marin don't just throw away their money to buy a PoS, they tear it up and then flush it down the toilet just to buy the idea of a house. This one is just a plot of land (unspecified plot size) in Corte Madera with some specs drawn up for a house. No view, but this idea-of-a-house does have four bedrooms/three baths. And how much for this imaginary PoS? Just $1,750,000. Yup.


Blogger marin_explorer said...

I have to wonder how much the land is worth, because those are pretty terrible plans, given the price. Did the architect draw up a faux-craftsman cube to maximize return on a tiny square of land?

Btw, the styling looks very similar to homes out in the old Hamilton base, which all strike me as medium-low construction quality, and those are half the price.

I need to ask: if Marin is so "prime", why does the construction quality here suck so bad? Much looks like work done for $100/sqft in other parts of the country (even many homes in Mill Valley, Tiburon, Ross, etc). With so many poorly-built homes, Marin shouldn't command any premium over other areas. Even Berkeley kicks Marin's @ss in this department.

November 09, 2005 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugly house.

February 16, 2006 1:22 PM  

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