Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dark and Dreary Update

Just an update, but Dark and Dreary in Larkspur is still for sale; I've been watching it all these months and (like so many POSs that grace this site) it never seems to go away (which is ironic given all of the "intangibles"-based arguments that were offered in that thread). ZipRealty indicates that it has been on the market for 174 days which sounds about right since I first blogged it in December, 2005.

The price of this POS has been reduced twice (it is currently asking $598,000). Why hasn't it sold? Probably the reason why it hasn't sold is because the total price reduction amounts to a paltry -4.3% Who are the sellers trying to kid?

This property is a good example of seller stubbornness resulting in no sale. This property should serve as a warning to those sellers who do in fact want to sell their property -- lower the price, do it soon before the property sits on the market too long; if it still doesn't sell, then lower the price again; repeat until sold. Don't end up being like other fool sellers who chase the market down.


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