Monday, June 19, 2006

She's Gonna Blow in Fairfax

This Fairfax POS was mentioned in the comments section of the previous post. It comes in at 2 br 1 ba, 960 sq ft, built 1923, 0.44 acre lot. It is described by the realtor as a "fixer". Asking? $525,000.

Here is what one reader who visited this POS had to say:
We just viewed this property today, the entire foundation is sliding off the hill, retaining walls bursting etc. the *hidden* second unit has been condemmed by the city of Fairfax (yes it is that bad) red tagged and about to slide down the hill behind.

The smell of sewer was very strong inside, I was genuinely too fearful to walk out on that deck, you could feel it flexing underfoot.

The realtor showing this property genuinely looked embarrased when we walked in.
And another:
"I was genuinely too fearful to walk out on that deck"

I had a similar reaction from that photo--a plywood deck? That lot may be .4 acres, but how much of that is useable?; getting permits from Fairfax is another issue. Definitely another PoS candidate.
Thanks for pointing this one out.

Update: Here is a shot of that lovely deck; yeah, sure, this is worth every penny:


Blogger marin_explorer said...

All I see is firewood in those pics. You know, Fairfax has some charm, but it's working-class charm, hardly a location that demands $1M for a rudimentary tract home. I think that Marin's "specialness" is nothing more than small-town living (w/benefits and shortcomings) with a smug, Bay Area pricing structure. But guess what? Most of America lives like this--or better.

June 20, 2006 6:04 PM  

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