Thursday, March 09, 2006

Commercial Break

I love the fact that this blog has inspired others to do the same. At least, that is the impression I get for all but one of the following. Anyway, if you like reading about Marin's PoSs then I also suggest you check out these excellent blogs as they also list PoSs:
America's Overvalued Real Estate
Flip This
Bubble Meter
If you know of others, please list them in the comments section. Thanks.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


Blogger David said...

thanks for the mention. :-)

Bubble Meter Blog

March 09, 2006 8:13 PM  
Blogger Econ_101 said...


Thanks for the mention. Yes, my blog about failing OC flips (I've heard them called flops by one poster on Ben's blog) was definitely inspired by Marin POS.

Keep up the good work.


March 10, 2006 9:47 AM  
Blogger Idaho_Spud said...

Here's a cool overpriced PoS out in the middle of nowhere. On the bright side, your neighbors won't be very snooty.

March 10, 2006 9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one is good for a laugh if you know NJ at all...

March 15, 2006 2:58 PM  
Blogger Marinite said...

Wow! Those NJ PoSs are really something. It just goes to show how insane people have become. This is what happens when people stop thinking and let their greed take over their brains. I wonder if in a few years from now the people who buy these things look back and wonder what fugue they were living in.

March 15, 2006 9:32 PM  
Blogger Ruined Invegas said...


Thanks for the link to the overvalued blog. Indeed, your blog was an inspiration.

Keep up the great work.


March 18, 2006 4:02 AM  

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