Monday, July 03, 2006

Living the Dream in San Anselmo

Somewhere in that picture is a house (2 br 1 ba, 1050 sq ft) for sale for $889,500 and I don't think it is either one of the two 10'-by-10' sheds.

I think the realtor's write-up for this San Anselmo POS demystifies why some people are willing to pay ungodly amounts of money for a Marin POS:
Cottage hidden in garden at rear of lot. Approx 1050 sf 2br 1ba on large flat approx 7800 sf lot. Unique opportunity to live in a desireable area of san anselmo. Short, flat walk to town. Remodel or build your dream home. Price $889,500
The key is "...desireable area of...". It doesn't matter how bad the place is; it's all about perceived prestige. Never mind the fact that anyone can call anything prestigious if they want. You can be living in a total dump and be living the dream. As a friend of mine said "even a turd is golden if it was dumped in Marin".


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